Ways to remove refrigerator odors

A strong smell comes to the nose when the fridge is opened. Do not understand why the smell in the refrigerator? How to remove the smell of the refrigerator? Here's how to put it together to use today.


Cut the lemon lengthwise and keep it inside the fridge. Lemon will deodorize your fridge.


Vinegar is very useful for removing rotten odors. Put a cup of white vinegar in the fridge. The smell of the fridge will go away.

Baking soda

Keep a bowl of baking soda in your fridge and keep the fridge door closed when you can't get rid of the bad fridge smell. After two hours check if there is any bad smell in the fridge.


Many people eat oatmeal for breakfast. Did you know that oatmeal can eliminate bad breath? Refrigerate oatmeal in an aluminum container. You will see that the bad smell is gone from the fridge.

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Apart from beauty treatments, charcoal is also useful in eliminating bad breath. Placing a small amount of charcoal in the fridge will absorb the bad smell of the fridge.

essential well

Soak a cotton ball in essential oil and keep it in your fridge for 1 day. The next day you will see the magic.

Vanilla extract

Soak the vanilla essence in a cloth and refrigerate. After twelve hours, remove the cloth ball from the fridge. You will see that the bad smell of the fridge is gone and the fridge is filled with a nice smell.

Coffee powder

Put the coffee powder in a plate or container and put it in the fridge for a day. Coffee will absorb fridge odors and keep the fridge odor free.

Avoid stale food

Stale food is responsible for bad fridge odors. So don't keep stale food in the fridge for long. If you keep a dozen ripe bananas in the fridge for a week, those bananas will smell bad. So keep a small amount of food in the fridge so that it does not rot or spoil and does not smell bad.

Use the lid

Cover the container with a lid when storing food in the refrigerator. Then the smell of one food cannot penetrate into other food. If the food is fragrant, store it in an airtight container in a refrigerator. The lid prevents food odors from escaping.

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