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Aflac, Inc. could be a company, that engages within the provision monetary protection services. It operates through the Aflac Japan and Aflac us (U.S.) segments. The Aflac Japan section offers life assurance, death advantages, and money surrender values. The Aflac U.S. section sells voluntary supplemental insurance merchandise for those who have already got major medical or primary sum of money. the corporate was based by John Amos, Daniel Paul Amos, and William Amos on November seventeen, 1955 and is headquartered in Columbus, GA.

Industry                                          Insurance
                 United States
CEO and Chairperson            
          Daniel Paul Amos
                    Columbus, Georgia

Aflac Impactfully Communicates Core Values In Animated Short Film

For Aflac, caring means that several things. On the surface, it'd appear that the supplier of supplemental insurance’s sole commitment to caring extends to providing financial backing throughout times of sudden unhealthiness or injury. Look additional closely, however, and you’ll realize that providing such care brings the main points behind customers’ desires into focus. Details like that communities square measure most at risk of succumbing to medical debt, that at-home treatments and sicknesses don’t receive adequate coverage from the common underwriter, and what reasonably support it takes to form area for the afflicted and their families to recover physically, showing emotion, and financially. Aflac began to search out some way to speak the nuances of its company values on the far side its existing initiatives dedicated to education and support around blood dyscrasia analysis, the medical debt gap, and more. The whole found its means with storytelling, manufacturing the moving animated short, “The Park Bench”.

“The Park Bench” tells the story of a fille whose exposure to her parent’s struggle along with her father’s red blood cell malady leaves her feeling low. Things modification for the fille once she befriends a wounded duck, World Health Organization helps her through her family’s tough time as each the duck and therefore the family recover. The film is at the same time universal and deeply specific, with its relatable themes of family caring for associateother|each other} and seeking light-weight in dark times communicated specifically through the on-screen struggle of an African yankee family fighting to treat red blood cell. The three-and-a-half-minute film is full of the type of feeling, heart, and detail that would solely be achieved with the help of elite collaborators like movie maker Vet and accomplished storyteller Rob Edwards, Grammy Winner Nas, and victory animation Studio Lion Forge Animation.

At whole Storytelling 2022: A Sanctioned Event of Sundance fete, “The Park Bench” author and Director Rob Edwards, together with Lion Forge Animation Co-Founder Carl Reed ANd Aflac Chief whole and selling Officer Claude Elwood Shannon Watkins Sat down with moderator Kwame Taylor-Hayford to debate the origination of “The Park Bench” and the way the proper wedding {of whole|of brand name|of name} values and artistic vision will coalesce to supply a story that deepens an audience’s understanding of what a brand actually stands for.

The first and best call Aflac created once manufacturing “The Park Bench”, knowing that they wished to inform a brief story regarding caring, was to hunt out specific collaborators World Health Organization, by virtue of the work they are doing and stories they tell, would bring deep, specific desiring to the project. Aflac approached Rob Edwards with the construct of a brief film that might feature a handful of characters and focus on the theme of ‘caring’. Edwards, illustrious for writing the moment movie maker Classic “The patrician and therefore the Frog”, straightaway started figuring out a story once drawing a spark of inspiration from pictures of Saint George Floyd’s girl atop writer Jackson’s shoulders vocalization that her pater modified the globe. “The resiliency of that child, the intelligence and amazingness of that tiny woman finding strength in tragedy gave the impression of a very good spot to leap off,” aforementioned Edwards. once sleeping thereon for an evening, Edwards woke successive day with an inspiration for a story a couple of woman World Health Organization finds resiliency through caring for one more . “I assume that’s what we've got a bent to try to to as persons – we've got a bent to facilitate each other get stronger,” same Edwards.  “It’s one amongst the simplest things we have a tendency to do, it’s one amongst the foremost human things we have a tendency to do.” The Aflac duck, the brand’s widespread being for the last twenty years, signaled to Edwards that it'd be natural to include a duck within the story because the young girl’s companion.

Aflac was on board with the construct, and author and whole jumped right into fleshing out visual and story-driven details – the kinds of details that usually go unmarked in a very ancient thirty second spot. However, Aflac’s investment within the film was, from the showtime, driven by a need to speak the specificity of its values, and then specificity of story was overriding. Aflac provided insight and data into a way to depict at-home take care of red blood cell malady ANd what it's like once a family is in an at-home caregiving scenario, representative of Aflac’s support within the fight against cancer, red blood cell, and alternative blood disorders. Also, Edwards and Lion Forge Animation imbued the film with details that employment to normalize visions of a version of African yankee life. From the means the members of the family within the film wear their hair to the piece of furniture within the lounge to the HBCU pendants on the walls, there's specificity to be found in “The Park Bench” right down to the best details.

 “Aflac’s core purpose is to assist with expenses insurance doesn’t cowl, thus those we have a tendency to guarantee will trust everything else,” aforementioned Watkins . “Unexpected medical events and so the fallout from that financially impact Black and Brown communities and low-income communities quite anyone else across this country.” Aflac did the work to verify that if a Black family was getting to be featured throughout this film, that the creators behind the film required to talk thereto expertise genuinely, even quite simply having Edwards write and direct. With animation coming back from the studio behind the award winning short “Hair Love” and music supervising from your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper Nas, the whole production that's “The Park Bench” is steeped in credibility. the ultimate product is dense with intention, meaning, and emotional price.

Aflac exists to assist folks. Purpose is baked into its existence, however that purpose, once paid shut attention to, reveals a myriad of definitions of what caring means that which the act of caring is something however straightforward. Aflac’s film manages to, in a very few short minutes, capture ANd mirror back to an audience each the fine details and broad message of the brand’s values all directly, speaking on to people who will relate and fostering feeling in people who will solely sympathise. Trust in glorious collaborators conjointly the} crafting of a story with intention at its core not solely created Aflac’s film attainable – it also makes it a deeply effective quality in shaping people’s perception and understanding of the whole and its values.

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