This is the biggest car in the world

 There are many types-of-cars in the world. Some cars are bullet proof. Some cars have other attractive features. But the car we are going to talk about today is different and special from all these cars.

We will talk about a car named American Dream. This car is included in the list of longest cars in the world. The 100 feet long car has so much space that apart from a swimming pool, it has a helipad (Car With Swimming Pool). This 26-wheel drive vehicle also has its own helipad.

The American Dream is already included in the Guinness World Record. This car has broken its own old record. The length of this car has been increased by 100 feet. This car has total 26 wheels. There is also a swimming pool and a helipad. It is said that a total of 75 people can sit inside this car.

The American Dream was-created in 1986 by car-customizer Jay Ohrberg. It was 60 feet long when Jay, who lives in California, built it.

The American Dream is now 100 feet. You must have seen this car in many Hollywood movies. Now this car is in a warehouse in New Jersey. Over time this vehicle has had maintenance issues.

Michael Manning, owner of a New York museum, decided to restore it. Michael said of the car, it was in a wreck when he saw it in New Jersey. It had broken windows, no air in the tires. Still he fell in love with this car. He decided to restore the car.

According to Michael, this car cost a lot of money to restore. He sold the car on eBay to make money as his museum lease ran out. After that, the car was bought by Michael Dazer, who is associated with the tourism industry. He added many new features to the car.

The car tires were changed. The helipad was rebuilt and the pool repaired. Now this car has to look great. This car is attracting people's attention again.

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