8 Easy Ways to Move to America

America is the dream_country of many_people in the world. But after Donald Trump became the country's president, that dream has become difficult to fulfill. But even in this situation there are some easy ways to get to America. Despite the Trump administration's sweeping changes to immigration policy, there are still easy ways to get work, family, and education visas.

There are several

categories of visas available in America. One of the easiest ways is the 'Employment-Based' (EB) series. Those who are interested in getting a permanent employment visa in America can apply for categories 1 to 5 of the EB series.


Some subjects are prioritized in EB-1. For example, exceptional skill in a subject and expertise in a particular field. Besides, if you have good skills in the field of research, you can get a visa for a job in a research institute. But in these cases certain certificates are required.


 A person may apply for permanent employment if he has exceptional skills or higher education. But in this case, he must have a job offer letter from an American organization based on his skills.


 Skilled workers or skilled professionals in this category can get visas to the US. However, there should be a job offer letter from an American organization regarding the skills. In this case, it will be checked whether it is easy to find workers in America in that regard. You won't get a visa if there is skilled manpower in America.


Special immigrant visa issued by the United States. Immigrants get permanent employment visas only in the cases specified in the country's Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). These include ex-NATO personnel or spouses of ex-NATO personnel, doctors, members of the armed forces, people who know the languages of Iraq and Afghanistan and can translate English, religious figures or activists. No job offer letter is required in this case.


If you have the_money to go to America and_become an entrepreneur, you can get a visa. However/- if you want to get a visa in this category, you have to go to America and start a business and have the ability to employ at least 10 Americans*To get a visa in the EB-5 category, you need to invest at least 5 lakh dollars or more than 4 crores in Bangladeshi taka/-

However, even if you do not have the opportunity to get a visa in the above 5 categories, there are some other opportunities for you. They are; Employment-based job offer: You can get a visa if an American organization sends you an offer letter offering you a job there.

In this case, the company must obtain a certificate from the country's 'Department of Labor' (DOL) and apply for permission to hire migrant workers before giving the offer letter. America gives 140,000 visas in this category every year.

Family or Spouse: You can easily get a visa if you have family or a legal partner who has citizenship in the US. Any US citizen can apply to the government to take their spouse or family member there.

You can get_ permission to_go there even if you are_engaged to an American_citizen. But the engagement must be valid and at least two years must pass after the engagement. Then the_person you are_engaged to can_apply to take you to America. In this case you will get at least 90 days visa for the first time.

Study: You can get US visa for study. In this process you will not get permanent US residency. But during your studies you can come back and go again if you get a job offer from an organization related to you.

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