BMW i7: BMW is bringing a new electric car with a range of 600 km, what is the price?

The BMW i7 electric sedan has taken the wraps off the car.  The car is appearing in the market from next year to compete with Mercedes-Benz and Audi.  Photos of the flagship vehicle covered in camouflage on the thick white snow at Sweden's Arjeplog have surfaced.  Note that this is the first official picture of the car.  Let's take a look at the features and price of the electric flagship BMW i7.

 BMW i7 : Features (Possible)

 The BMW i7 car will be launched with all the latest features and design.  However, the company has kept the details about the car under wraps.  However, the report claimed that its range could be 600 km.  The company aims to make it super powerful and efficient to establish itself as a flagship car.

 It features a low-slung exterior profile, a stretched wheel base and prominent wheel arches, which are clearly evident in the images.  On the other hand, the traditional style of the company can be noticed in the electric car.  As such, the front grill may not be the same as the iX model.  But in terms of style, it is expected to catch the eye.

 BMW i7 : Price

 After its launch in the global market, it may be priced at 1,00,000 lakh dollars .  The Mercedes Benz S-Class will be its main rival after the BMW i7 hits the market.

 Incidentally, a few days ago BMW announced to bring a total of three electric cars in India.  Two of which are the BMW iX and BMW i4 electric sedans.  This time the company is going to bring another new electric car, BMW i7 to the global market.  However, there is no information about when it will arrive in India.

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